Income Properties – Multi Unit Residential

Created by Ryan Carr
Updated July 3, 2024
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Income Properties in a Multi Unit Residential format are the ultimate in creating long term wealth.  They are big physically, numerically, and impactfully.  With IP-MUR (Income Properties – Multi Unit Residential) you can now have the same power and knowledge as large property management firms and real estate investment trusts in creating a difference for your investors and yourself.  This course includes time tested and powerful techniques to help you supercharge your and your investors bank accounts.


There are six major components to this course:

1. IP-MUR Mindset, Real Estate Cycle, Definition & Discovery

2. Deal analysis & key performance indicators.

3. Making offers & conditions

4. Letter of Intent (LOI) vs. Offer & Due Diligence

5. Commitment Letter & Financing

6. Increasing the performance of the property/ asset & final steps.


IP-MUR will allow you to create the time by scaling up to leverage other people’s knowledge , and other people’s time in an efficient and win-win manner.  So if you’re ready to scale up to the next level, this strategy and course are for you.

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