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Created by Rolando Davila
Updated July 15, 2024
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Leaving a legacy is a goal for many. In this course we will learn together how to leave a legacy in physical form. Be proud when driving in cities across the country and be able to say “I built that! And profited!”

From acquisition, demolition, satisfying zoning requirement, applying for building permits, working with architects and general contractors, dealing with construction financing, to seeing your project come to fruition, for many, this is the “I’ve made it” course where you can fulfil your vision and build a (or multiple) legacy projects for years to come. This is a content and process heavy course that is only recommended for seasoned investors.


By the end of this course you will be able to:

·         Demonstrate a broad understanding of project management, including key definitions, principles, processes, required skills and knowledge areas.

·         Identify key success factors and challenges facing effective project management.

·         Define a project scope.

·         Create a project schedule.

·         Establish a project change control system.

·         Utilize project estimating knowledge to create a project budget.

·         Establish a criterion to control project quality.

·         Utilize a systematic approach to conduct procurement.

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