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Updated July 4, 2024
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Talk about a win-win-win (and more) strategy. Lease Options is one of the best methods to create a long lasting impact for all those involved. Here we leverage an age-old process typically used in larger commercial transactions and scale it down to enable families overlooked by traditional lending to leap into the game of real estate. Lease Options is certainly one of the best ways many of us at Trust Your Talent have built our real estate businesses on.

Under the Creative Financing umbrella, this strategy has the potential to generate more monthly cash flow from a SFH (single family home) at a faster rate than virtually any other comparable property investment strategy. This course will take you through the thought and application process of the most effective way to structure a lease options opportunity.


The objectives of the course include:

• Understanding what options are and the different types of options

• Learning how to leverage options in structuring deals to create more protection while maximizing profit from your deals,

• Minimizing the need for property management by implementing a well- rounded screening process

• Finding and analyzing deal numbers and using common purchase option contract clauses.

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