Passive Investing with Paper Assets

Created by Stephen Cheung
Updated June 23, 2024
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As an investor, we should never put all eggs in one basket.  Diversification of portfolios across different asset classes is the key to success in investment.  We all love to invest in real estate as hard assets, but we should never underestimate the yield from investing in paper assets as they can help us achieve our financial goals as well.  Paper Assets include Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, EFTs, Options, Futures, etc.  In this course, we focus on leveraging Futures to help us generate passive income.  This is NOT a traditional trading course that focuses on teaching fundamental and technical analysis by reading charts, earnings and news, etc.  While many traders rely on these traditional tools to make decisions, they often lost money on trading due to incorrect analysis and mistakes made when they acted out of emotions.  This course will show you a very different trading strategy that uses a simple logic and mathematical approach to rule out any human errors incurred by emotions such as greed, fear and lack of discipline. This approach takes you only a few minutes each day and you could trade like a Pro and earn great monthly passive income. 

By the end of this course, participants will know how to:

  • Trade the Futures market with a simple yet robust 100-Point Strategy
  • Understand why 99% of traders lose money, and avoid being one of them
  • Calculate and minimize the risk before starting to trade
  • Achieve Financial Freedom leveraging Paper Assets Trading
  • Apply and set up Trading Accounts
  • Test out the Trading Strategy with demo account and paper money
  • Set up a Computer-Assisted Trading Program to turn this into a complete Passive Income Investing Strategy

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