REI Financing Fundamentals

Created by Brooke Shang
Updated January 30, 2024
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Course Description

Money follows good deals.  How does this happen?  Through tried and tested systems of preparation, planning, and analysis.  This is not your TV flip program.  Within the Distressed Properties course you will be able to create a winning deal and plan for surprises to maximize  your profit and raise your profile as an investor.  

While swinging a sledgehammer is fun, so can creating a real estate business that predictably creates profits deal after deal.  


Learning Distressed Properties will train you to look beyond the surface and find the hidden gems uneducated investors overlook.  This is where the greatest value can be created.  And your greatest profits can be found.  Investing up front will pay dividends in allowing you to scale your business and create more time to do what you love.


Upon completion of the REI Financing Fundamentals course, you will learn:

  • How maximizing your cash flow and ROI can help you reach your financial goals
  • Tips on how to evaluate and leverage good debts vs bad debts
  • Spotting opportunities and discovering financial resources available to you today

Learning what institutional instruments are:

  • Credit cards, 
  • HELOC, Line of Credits
  • How credit scores work
  • Different mortgages available
  • How refinancing works
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