REI Fundamentals & Distressed Properties

Created by Jeffrey Li
Updated June 13, 2024
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Distressed Properties – likely the most fundamental class and element for all professional and educated real estate investors. As a principle, this is where any ‘property-first’ deals start. Thanks to many home renovation shows on TV these days, this strategy is commonly interchanged with the term “fix and flip.” While popular, flipping is only one exit strategy out of many for savvy real estate investors.

In this course, we will cover the fundamentals of real estate investing and distressed properties, building your power team, finding and analyzing the numbers, deal negotiation, due-diligence, working effectively with your contractors, managing the renovation process, and how you can apply the distress properties strategies and modules to many other real estate investing strategies.

The highlights for this course include:

  • Real estate investment and distressed property fundamentals
  • Building Your Power team, particularly your rehab power team
  • How to find, analyze, negotiate, close, and manage distressed property deals
  • How to use the BRRRR module to grow your real estate portfolio
  • How to apply distressed properties to the other real estate investment strategies.
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