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Creating win-win relationships with potential power team members and other investors is a critical activity to start or  scale up a business.

And relationships start with clear, intentional communication. Uncover practical tools for how to confidently communicate your message and
value to your current and future investors.

From individual conversations to presenting to an entire hall, learn how to:

– Capture attention and maintain interest.
– Interpret feedback live to adjust and maximize your messaging.
– Build repeat business partners for your projects and future opportunities.

Then we will go into the art and science of building a presentation. From speaking to the essence and core that is you to attracting investors that will be suitable to work with, to leveraging current psychological research to achieving the best chances of success

Upon completion of this course, you will learn:

– Specific techniques to forge new relationships with potential clients.
– How to gain insights to read your audience and adjust your presentations for success.
– How to create and present an impactful investor proposal.
– Tools to gain situational awareness and read the room.
– A system to continuously feed your business of needed opportunities and investors.

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