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The world of Multi-Unit Income Properties can be an intimidating one. From the sheer size of buildings to the size of the numbers and financials, to additional due diligence beyond that of single-family investing.

The Income Properties Multi-Unit Residential field trip is meant to take you beyond the classroom, where you learned the theory and process behind sourcing, analyzing, acquiring, and stabilizing multi-unit income properties.

During our time together, we will immerse ourselves in the world of multi-unit income property investing, applying the previously learned knowledge.

We will learn how to:

– Employ a keen eye while walking through buildings to find points of leverage that will assist you in negotiating money in the buy.

– Speak to potential Power team members, showing them that you are a Professional Real Estate Investor that means business and is focused on creating win-win scenarios.

– Set a schedule to maximize your time in a market, while respecting you and your teammates time.

– Analyze opportunities live in the field, on the go, simulating a hot opportunity that waits for nobody.

– Negotiate for creative financing solutions during offer submission to maximize the profitability of the opportunity for you and your partners/ investors.

You will be walked through (literally and figuratively) the process of finding an opportunity, running initial analysis, and having conversations for due diligence before submitting the offer.

Following the field trip, we will continue due diligence together, negotiating prior to making the decision to close on or walk away from the opportunity.

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