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How to Profit from a Property Flip in Any Market Condition

May 23 @ 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm EDT

FREE Real Estate Investing Event:
How to Profit from a Property Flip in Any Market Condition

A fundamental strategy that can work in ANY market condition when done right! Come learn the 5 steps to a successful flip in any market.


During the session, you will find out how to:

  • Source viable deals
  • Raise the funds required
  • Conduct proper due diligence to run your numbers
  • Work with your team to minimize surprises and maximize end profit on every deal.


With the rising market conditions across the country, this is a must-attend session for real estate investors of all levels!


Andrew Cowe is a Serial Entrepreneur born and raised by a loving family in the great City of Toronto, Andrew has always had a strong passion for business. As a young child, he started several small ventures including setting up stands to sell ‘Kool-Aid beverages, and a ‘business’ to repair Yo-yo’s for other kids in his neighbourhood. In his teenage years he continued with his entrepreneurial spirit by forming a mobile audio production studio to create song recordings for local bands, a live events company focused on showcasing musical acts, all while continuing high school and holding a part-time job from the age of 14. Andrew went on to pursue post-secondary education by attending University and obtaining a degree before entering the workforce, where he excelled as a Sales Consultant Team Lead & Account Manager. Even while achieving success through his career in B2B sales, he continued to create new business models, highlighted by a sports gear personalization company that ran for several years before being sold at the beginning of the pandemic.


His passion for real estate and the life it could create was unwavering as he continued to get educated. After attending a bootcamp with Trust Your Talent, Andrew committed to his dreams by enrolling into the program where he immediately boosted his financial literacy and went on to execute on deals with fellow TYT students and partners using a combination of different strategies including; Distressed Properties, Creative Financing, Duplex Conversions, Multi-Family Apartment Buildings, Fix and Flips, Private lending, Short Term Rentals, and Joint Venture Partnerships.Living big through his frame and ambition, he is an aspiring philanthropist understanding that the pursuit of wealth is worthless without being able to share it with family, friends, and those who would benefit from a helping hand.


Andrew continues to be a lifelong learner while investing in real estate. He is passionate about working with others to share the various strategies of real estate investing can make an impact in so many positive ways. He believes that we can all live the life we have always wanted by taking action using the right steps as we work towards our goals.

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