Student Journey

Our purpose at Trust Your Talent Academy is to ensure you benefit from over 100 years of combined investing experience across multiple countries. All while leveraging multiple strategies. It is here in the Academy that all of the team’s experience is shared in structured focus; so that you as a student can apply your financial education to achieve what you want: your goals.


Webinar is your introduction into what’s contained within the world of Investing and the ways and means to execute.


Workshop is where you will experience over 2 days of training on how different strategies connect and support each other to reach your goals. Our Workshop Trainer will guide you through how TYT is focused on student success and some of the strategies that enable that success.

Strategy Coaching.

Strategy Coaches are the first point of contact for your TYT student journey. They are here to discuss, your goals, your ability and whether TYT is right for you.

Once they find you can be a successful student and a fit for TYT’s values will customize a curriculum based on your goals.


Community - TYT is both a financial education institution and a community. The community of actively learning and actively investing members is what creates the foundation of the TYT experience.


Orientation Session - once you have chosen to enrol as a student to invest in yourself and join the TYT community we want to ensure you leverage and utilize all of the resources available.

This is where our Orientation Coach will guide you on how to get started on your designed Mentorship Program and how to access all of the support and education customized for you.



Core Courses - As a new member of Trust Your Talent Academy, students have found that the path to be set up for success requires being able to articulate their goals, their why, and build a business plan. Here is where we provide training to execute on that success.


Fundamental Courses - Investing has Fundamental knowledge and strategies that enable our students and community members to see the world as the trainers and mentors do. These are the courses that will enable our students to themselves up to run their investing as a business able to achieve their goals.


Advanced REI Strategy courses are taught by our Trainers and focused on Real Estate Investing. The courses here will empower students to execute on different strategies that enable them to run and grow their investments beyond their backyard and beyond just counting doors.


At this point your growth has been fostered by: GUIDANCE from your Strategy Coach; APPLIED EDUCATION from TYT Instructors; FOCUS from your mentor and SUPPORT from everyone in the community. And you want to speed up the momentum!

1 ON 1


Mentorship with TYT is focused on the learner’s perspective first and foremost. This is where one of TYT’s multi strategy multi market mentors weaves together the learned courses for our students.

It is 3 action-packed days with one of our mentors in a student’s chosen market.

It is 1 on 1, providing plenty of opportunities to answer questions and strategize live and in the market. This is TYT’s trusted methodology to enable our students to leverage the experience and knowledge of an active professional real estate investor live and in person.

Here is where we provide training to execute on that success.

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