InvestED – Annual Conference

A 3-day fully immersive real estate investing Workshop
fast tracking you to real financial results

The Agenda

Day 1

Friday, October 4
8:00 AM - Registration Opens
9:00 AM - Opening Ceremony
10:00 AM - Classes Start
12:00 PM - Lunch and Networking
1:30 PM - Classes
6:00 PM - Finish

Day 2

Saturday, October 5
8:00 AM - Breakfast
9:00 AM - Classes
12:00 PM - Lunch and Networking
1:30 PM - Classes
5:00 PM - Classes Finish
6:00 PM - Red Carpet & Cash Bar
7:30 PM - Awards Banquet & Ceremon

Day 3

Sunday, October 6
8:00AM - Breakfast
9:00AM - Classes
12:00PM - Lunch and Networking
1:30PM - Classes
3:30PM - Closing Ceremony

The Westin Bayshore Vancouver

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The Annual Conference will also be an opportunity to learn some of the most up-to-date strategies on getting closer to financial freedom.

Creative Financing 1

This course is designed to broaden and challenge your options on funding your real estate deal and business opportunities after you REI Financing Fundamentals training. Even when you exhaust institutional instruments, you can continue to scale your portfolio. Knowing how different creative financing vehicles work in short-term, mid-term and long term projects will dictate which financial vehicles to adapt when structuring a deal.

REI Fundamentals and Distressed Properties

Distressed Properties – likely the most fundamental class and element for all professional and educated real estate investors. As a principle, this is where any ‘property-first’ deal starts. Thanks to many home renovation shows on TV these days, this strategy is commonly interchanged with the term “fix and flip.” While popular, flipping is only one exit strategy out of many for savvy real estate investors. In this course, we will cover the fundamentals of real estate investing and distressed properties, building your power team, finding and analyzing the numbers, deal negotiation, due-diligence, working effectively with your contractors, managing the renovation process, and how you can apply the distress properties strategy and modules to many other real estate investing strategies. Lastly, we will cover a popular real estate investment module, lovingly called “BRRRR” (Buy-Renovate-Rent-Refinance-Repeat) and how you can use this module to fast track the growth of your real estate portfolio.

Serviced Accommodations

Like Kleenex to tissues, AirBnb has become synonymous with this high cash flowing strategy preferred by many real estate investors these days. This course looks at the overarching strategy that offers short-term furnished rentals. We will take you from selecting the best property areas and types to marketing your serviced accommodations for success, and everything in between

Highlights of this class include: identifying market needs, working with bylaws and regulations in your chosen markets, and leveraging available tools to analyze performance before property acquisition.

Infills and Project Management

Leaving a legacy is a goal for many. In this course we will learn together how to leave a legacy in physical form. Be proud when driving in cities across the country and be able to say “I built that! And profited!”

 From acquisition, demolition, satisfying zoning requirement, applying for building permits, working with architects and general contractors, dealing with construction financing, to seeing your project come to fruition, for many, this is the “I’ve made it” course where you can fulfill your vision and build a (or multiple) legacy projects for years to come. This is a content and process heavy course that is only recommended for seasoned investors. 

US Foreclosure

The best real estate deals are usually not on the MLS. Come learn how to find off market (non-MLS) properties in one of the sectors forecasted to increase and provide the most leads. For example, in Florida, Q1-2023 the number of foreclosures are up 17% over Q4-2022. You’ll understand how and why these properties are often sold for a discount. You’ll not only learn how to find deals, you’ll also learn marketing techniques and how to deal directly with the owners. This course will also discuss buying properties at auction and directly from the bank.

Academy Awards Night

Every year we award the students that have created the biggest impact in the community. Whether it is for themselves or for others. At Trust Your Talent Academy, our goal is to make sure you live your life on your terms. Creating the lifestyle you desire by using the tools you now have to build your wealth.

Previous Academy Award Winners

Here are some of the individuals who were committed to their growth and were able to get their time back by investing in themselves first. Below we are very proud to present our Freedom Fighters of 2023. We are so excited to celebrate this year’s winners in all of our award categories.

Neena & Nikin Popat

2023 Freedom Fighter Award

Michele & Doug Correa

2023 Freedom Fighter Award

Elizabeth Li & Precious Asmah

2023 Freedom Fighter Award

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