Gustavo Garcia Herreros

 is an educated real estate entrepreneur. He specializes in Multi-family units, Rent to Own, and BRRRR (Buy, Renovate, Rent, Refinance, Repeat). And most recently, in short term rental (Airbnb).

Gustavo and his beautiful wife built their portfolio from ground zero, quickly acquiring 12 properties adding up to a total 18 units in less than 4 years of investing, turning their real estate portfolio into a cash flowing machine. Gustavo focuses on researching properties and market conditions to determine which are cash flow positive and a great investment to himself and his JV partners. He believes in preserving a close relationship with sellers, buyers, investors, and business partners to ensure business growth.

Gustavo has spent long hours and invested thousands of dollars in real estate education, and he’s not thinking of stopping there. Getting deep into the roots of real estate investing, the different strategies that can be used, and how to generate profit using creative financing ideas, is key in continuing developing his business. Furthermore, Gustavo does not forget the vital importance of personal growth. According to him, the only way one can really achieve greatness is through personal development, becoming a go-giver, a better human being.

In addition, Gustavo has years of experience investing in the stock market and small venture companies.

He manages a team of over 20 people at one of the big Canadian banks, which has given him the opportunity to enhance his leadership and people management skills, while still offering a clear sense of the financial market in Canada. One more reason why he enjoys investing!

Outside of investing, Gustavo enjoys soccer, oil painting, a fine scotch, Italian food, and whenever possible.. video games!

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