Kathryn Butler

Fort Myers Beach, FL, USA

I purchased my very first house in 1990 with private money before I even knew what private money was!  I rented the property out 3 years later and paid it off after a total of 5 years.  Having depression-era parents, I was taught the American dream is to own your own home – without a mortgage.  Once I realized leveraging would help me grow my business faster, I obtained a mortgage on that house and I’ve been addicted ever since!  

I have a Bachelor’s degree in business and worked in corporate America.  I fired my boss and left that world in 2000 and I’ve never looked back!  

I’ve had experience in wholesaling, foreclosures, rehabbing, rentals, multi units, probate, creative financing, mobile home parks and I’ve even invested internationally.  I’ve taught thousands of students over the years teaching many of these strategies.

My role as a mentor is to help take you to the next level (or 2 or 3!) in your investing career…no matter what level you’re starting at.  I’ve mentored hundreds of students and have even had some inducted into the Hall of Fame!  I’ve had the pleasure of helping students from Asia and Canada invest in the US.  It would be my honor and privilege to be your mentor and help you!  After all, “Your success is my reward!”

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