Ryan Carr

 credits his successes to two key items. A relentless work ethic and continual education. Having a strict upbringing with a police officer father, a strong work ethic was ingrained from an early age. However, Ryan lost his father as a young man and he came to realize that the status quo “rat race” was something he needed to escape.

Following his undergraduate studies at Wilfrid Laurier University Ryan continued to invest in self-development. It was when he stumbled into financial education through real estate investing that his inner fire was ignited.

Ryan has since built cash-flowing portfolios in multiple provinces within Canada and now has his sights set on commercial properties with his business partner/ beautiful wife Shefali. He has used a variety of strategies including Income Properties (single family and multi-unit)FlippingCreative Financing and Joint Venture Partnerships to retire his wife and allow her to work full time in their real estate business.

Coming from a career in business-to-business sales, agency agreements and sales management, Ryan recognizes that your network is your net worth. He delights in bringing people and resources together in order to achieve visions and goals.

As a mentor and coach with Trust Your Talents, Ryan’s past experience and skills allow him to help others increase their financial knowledge and net worth, utilizing real estate investing as the vehicle.

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