REI Financing Fundamentals

Created by Brooke Shang
Updated June 12, 2024
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“Money will follow a good deal.” Everybody is chasing after good deals. However, what is going to set you apart as a real estate investor is your ability to structure a GREAT deal after this course. Regardless of which strategies you are focusing on, the first step to structure a GREAT deal is to get yourself financially educated, learning how good debt/bad debts work and how to maximize your ROI (Return on Investment) leveraging real estate as a vehicle.

Upon completion of the REI Financing Fundamentals course, you will learn:

·         How maximizing your cash flow and ROI can help you reach your financial goals

·         Tips on how to evaluate and leverage good debts vs bad debts

·         Spotting opportunities and discovering financial resources available to you today

·         Learning what institutional instruments are Credit cards, HELOC, Line of Credits

o   How credit scores work

o   Different mortgages available

o   How refinancing works

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